The links below are NOT affiliate links, just brands I've used before and trust. There are likely cheaper options, so do whatever works for you!


Any brand will do, just search "rubber coated hex dumbbell" on Google or Amazon if you want to see all your options. The neoprene kind are totally fine, too, I just don't prefer the way the grip feels personally.

I recommend investing in two different weights. If you are new to strength training I'd try a pair of 5s and 8s, or if you have experience with lifting weights you could go for 8s and 10s or 12s. Remember that your purse (or baby) likely weighs a good amount, and we don't really get stronger or "toned" by lifting either of those up all day long!

Here are two brands I like:



You can try a long band with handles or you can try a Theraband where you hold the ends wrapped around your hands instead of handles. Either way is great! You'll see I use a Theraband in some of the videos because it's what I had! I tend to think the Theraband is more versatile.

Band with handles


You'll use these bands mostly for the Core & Glutes workouts. Putting them around your thighs helps to engage the glutes! Here are some fantastic options:

Perform Better
X Bands
Power Systems