Postpartum Training Program

Build a stronger body in order to be a fit, happy, and healthy mama.


Being a mama is hard. postpartum is hard. This program is for all the mamas who want to get stronger and feel more fit but don't have a ton of time to make that happen.

There is so much misinformation out there about postnatal fitness. You might even feel overwhelmed, and like you’re never going to feel back in your power in your body ever again. 

I can relate, and as a postnatal certified trainer I felt compelled to create FIT MAMA because I know that moms want a safe way to get back into exercise post-baby. You want to feel like you again. I also know that moms are busy, and we don’t have a ton of time to exercise! With just three short (but effective and sweaty!) workouts each week, I guarantee that this program will feel super doable for you.

This is the ultimate solution for getting #backtostrong after having a baby because it gives you the building blocks to do so in a safe, structured, and manageable way. Whether you’re 6 months postpartum or three years postpartum, FIT MAMA will help you to build the strength you need in order to feel confident, fit, and healthy in this season of your life.

Other fitness programs may include exercises that aren’t super safe for postpartum, or workouts that take way too long. FIT MAMA not only has exercises that are functional and safe, but I also teach you everything you need to know about how and why exercise may look different after you’ve had a baby. We talk alignment and breath, diastasis, and other considerations for your pelvic floor.

By the end of 10 weeks I guarantee that you will feel so fit, healthy, and empowered with the knowledge you need to keep going.

FIT MAMA will get you #backtostrong.


  • a 10-week DIY progressive training program

  • 3 different {super effective} workouts each week, 20 minutes or less, to fit into your busy mom life!

  • minimal equipment needed, so that you can workout at home (just dumbbells and a few resistance bands!)

  • videos for every workout with written cues

  • pages and pages of information about breath and alignment during movement, the pelvic floor, and diastasis recti, plus a suggested workout schedule and instructions for how to work through the program

  • includes lifetime membership in a closed Facebook support group for accountability, connection with a community of other mamas, and questions for me as you work through the program

  • access to a password-protected portal with everything you need for the program

  • PDF download of 23-page eBook available immediately following purchase

  • option to add 1:1 nutrition coaching

  • not intended for pregnancy or for new mamas who are still healing and recovering from birth. If you have any symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, please see a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist first! See FAQs below for more information.


"I love FIT MAMA for the gentle, postpartum workouts you can do anywhere. They’re convenient, short, and challenging. I love that I can do them while baby’s asleep, awake at home, or I can drop her off at the gym daycare. You can’t lose!"

"I have been telling a lot of my friends about you and this program. It feels like the right choice for the season of life I’m in (six months postpartum and with a two-year-old!). After less than two weeks, I am already more aware of how my daily choices affect the way I feel (physically and mentally). I know it is a slow and steady process, and I am excited to see how I grow over the next several weeks and beyond!"

"FIT MAMA is an incredible program I would recommend to every single postpartum woman! It’s the best way to safely move your body after having a baby. The workouts are short, yet extremely effective and can easily be done while baby naps. The Facebook group is another wonderful resource - it’s become a community of like-minded moms, which is so necessary postpartum! Brittany’s passion for this shines through and she is helpful in so many ways!"

"I’ve enjoyed the FIT MAMA workouts so much as I start a postpartum workout regime. It has been tough to realize that my body is different than before, but through the knowledge in her program Brittany has helped me realize that it’s normal and I can feel strong again. Her workouts are doable at home and I am capable of completing them as my 10 week old baby boy naps. It’s also incredibly helpful to know that the moves that I am doing in the workouts won’t actually hurt my postpartum body!"

"FIT MAMA is my self care! I absolutely love that it’s physically energizing and mentally refreshing! The short, efficient workouts make me feel strong and accomplished daily."

"I'm so glad that I found FIT MAMA! It came into my life 3 months postpartum when I was trying to go back to my pre-baby exercise classes at the gym but was having a lot of soreness doing so that didn't feel 'right' - not to mention I was beating myself up for not being able to make those classes as I was adjusting to life at home with two little ones. FIT MAMA is manageable for me - I find the workouts to be super efficient which is so important for this stage, and the exercises are challenging but also feel 'right' and I can tell they're targeting me right where I need strength the most!"

"FIT MAMA not only gave me the confidence to get my body moving after my second pregnancy, it also made it more possible because of the convenience of the workouts. I can find 10 or 20 minutes to sweat in my living room much easier than I can carve out an hour and a half at the gym. Because of Brittany's extensive knowledge on what a postpartum body needs to be strong again I am finally starting to feel strong again."


What equipment do I need?
The only equipment you need is a pair or two of dumbbells (light and moderately heavy would be ideal), a long resistance band with handles and a short loop band, and a bench or something that can be used as a bench or step (like a coffee table or sturdy chair). 

What is the format of the workouts?
There are three different workouts each week through the 10 week program. The first is an untimed Core & Glutes focused workout, the second is a 10 minute workout, and the third is a 20 minute workout. The program includes a suggested schedule to follow. 

How hard are the workouts?
The workouts are created to be doable. That being said, I know that mamas want to feel challenged as they work to heal. The Core & Glutes workout is meant to be done at your own pace, but the 10 and 20 minute workouts are timed and use the Metabolic Effect concept of rest-based training: “work until you can’t, then rest until you can.” This makes them challenging because you will get breathless, and your muscles will burn - but all in a super safe way. 

How will I know how to do the exercises?
Each workout has written cues where necessary, and the program contains an exercise library with links to YouTube videos I've filmed for every single exercise - and there are over 100 different exercises!

What else is included in the program?
The program has several pages of nutrition guidelines for a healthy postpartum body, five of my favorite recipes, and information on what your pelvic floor even is, how to breathe and be in correct alignment during movement, as well as how to check yourself for diastasis recti. 

Why does my pelvic floor matter?
Your pelvic floor muscles and connective tissues support everything else above it - your pelvic floor organs, and your growing baby during pregnancy. It is responsible for stabilizing the muscles of the spine and abdominal wall, giving your body a strong foundation for all movement, as well as controlling bladder and bowel movements. THIS MATTERS.

Who is the program for?
This program is for any person who is looking to become stronger in their core function and overall fitness. Remember, postpartum is forever - even if you had your baby two or three or ten years ago, you will still benefit from the program. I'd also recommend any person struggling with back pain because of a weak core and weak glutes to consider investing in the program!

How do I know if the program is appropriate for me?
If you have been cleared for exercise by your doctor and you have no symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (for example, hip and back pain, incontinence, prolapse, or painful intercourse) then it is safe for you to begin this program. If you aren't sure, go see a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist before beginning the program.

I am pregnant, but also postpartum - is this program appropriate for me?
FIT MAMA is intended for postpartum women who are not pregnant. That being said, if you have no pelvic floor dysfunction and have been cleared to exercise by your doctor the program is gentle enough and easy to modify (you have the option to do the workouts untimed so that you don't get too breathless) and may be appropriate for you during pregnancy, during the first or second trimester only, and only if you were exercising before becoming pregnant. It is not recommended to begin a new exercise program while pregnant, however the movements in the program are functional and safe. Contact me if you want to chat about it.

Does this program come with coaching?
No, however I am offering nutrition coaching as an add-on with purchase of FIT MAMA to start within two weeks of program purchase. If you're looking for support with nutrition and would like to be personally guided through this training program for accountability and encouragement, this is your opportunity to work with me in a close and personal way!