I love hearing from potential clients SO MUCH. I get so excited at just the thought of helping another person reach their goals and find their healthy balance. I struggled to find my healthy balance until I started learning and doing my own research in my early 20's, and I'm so grateful for the true balance I've found. I wanted to take a minute today to explain what services I offer (and what I don't offer) for my clients. 

Throughout this journey of building my coaching business I've had several {well-meaning} naysayers tell me that I should do things differently to get more clients more quickly. The problem is (it's not really a problem) that I refuse to veer away from my individuality, my own unique sense of self and my intentions for how I truly feel that I can help other people, just to make a quick buck. 

Before I tell you all of the wonderful services that I offer when I work with my clients, please understand that you will never see cookie cutter workouts or a single meal plan. Your safety is my priority - I'm not going to prescribe the same workout to someone who has never exercised before as I would for an experienced athlete. I customize each workout I write for my clients based on their goals, the equipment they have available to them, their experience with exercise and weight training, the health of their bodies, and the amount of time they are able to devote to exercise each week. On the topic of nutrition - meal plans just don't work. Meal plans do not take into consideration personal preference around food, your constantly adapting metabolism, individual goals, genetics, hormone health, or your daily schedule. The kinds of food and the amount of food that I need eat to look a certain way will be different than what any other woman might need. We are all beautiful unicorns and need a program that is suitable for a beautiful unicorn.

When I work with you, I am your coach in all aspects of the word. I write a program unique to you and your goals: strength, fat loss, muscle building, endurance, or something completely different. I will train you virtually with a video of the exercises in your program. I will prescribe workouts that are effective for your unique self, and I will adjust them with modifications if something is not working. I offer guidance around nutrient timing and portion amounts, how to discover the best choices for fat burning for you, and tons of nutritional education around the hormones that have an incredible impact on our body's fat burning potential. We work on mindset with daily emails - I am available to you during business hours for any question you may have. I will hold you accountable, I will listen to your fears, and then I will push you to push yourself so that you can shine brightly in all you do.

The biggest goal I have for my clients, in addition to the goals that they have for themselves, is that they will no longer need me and they will be able to maintain the lifestyle that I have helped them create for the rest of their lives. No on again off again start on Monday start after the holiday start when x is over, no more diets, no more bingeing or restricting - just tons of self love, confidence, and a natural, healthy relationship with movement and nutrition that works, as well as the knowledge of how to make an adjustment if something stops working. If you feel ready to give this gift to yourself, contact me and let's get started.