Today is a Saturday. My routine is all out of whack on weekends because it's different than the majority of the week. I woke up in a funk because I didn't sleep well last night and that bummed me out (AND I realized early this morning that I forgot to call my papa yesterday on his birthday and that bummed me out even more). The thing is, I know myself really well. Like, really, really well. I need to stick to my routine every morning in order to be my best self. It's simply just how I operate. So, even though it happened at noon, I went for my morning walk. At noon. 

By setting up my environment each day with a routine that creates a feeling of success and accomplishment, I become more motivated because I've made myself proud. Doing this one small thing of going for a walk each morning sets me up for even more success. I'll end up doing more of the things I need to do throughout the day, I'll make healthier choices, and the domino effect of all of these things will not only improve my mood but improve my relationships and interactions with everyone around me. This is why I go for my morning walk. Motivation is a result of discipline and taking action, whether you think you want to or not. Because I went for my daily walk I met my goal and wrote this blog post today, which likely wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gone for that walk, listened to some personal development, and had the opportunity to shake off the funk I woke up with. 

P.S. I started my new writing routine on a FRIDAY. Not a Monday. Food for thought: People who start a new habit on Mondays tend to start and restart more times than they can keep track of.