The key to living your best life is to take each moment as it comes and live deeply in it. The moments that passed before are irrelevant. The moments coming up ahead are out of your control. 

As a recovering perfectionist, I know the feeling of striving for perfection {and then ultimately being discouraged when the goal is not reached, because there is no such thing as perfection} way too well. The thing is - making "mistakes" is the only way to learn anything in life. If we are constantly doing everything "perfectly" then there won't be any opportunities for growth. And life is all about growth! Growing emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually - in whichever ways you choose to grow. At the same time, allowing yourself to sit in the stillness of not growing or changing has it's benefits as well - a chance for reflection being a big one for me.

This past week has been a huge practice in imperfection and stillness for me. With family in town to celebrate my 30th birthday I was thrown way out of my routine. Fewer morning walks, fewer workouts, and extremely unstructured eating. And guess what?! I survived. I made it through those moments, because I lived in those moments. Each one. No regrets or time spent dwelling on the past moments. No worry about the future. Each moment. I took a break from social media and put aside my commitment to writing here in order to soak up all the family time. I had thoughts of self-judgment for what felt like a loss of focus on my goals, but in the big picture of things that break helped me to gain an even better understanding of my goals with more passion and drive than I had before. 

When you give yourself a little bit of grace and permission to just be with what *is*, you might begin to notice that perhaps that's what you really needed after all.