I've been wanting to finally write in my blog for a long time. This begs the question: Why did I create my website in May and it's now September and there are no posts?!

I have an entire list of ideas in Notes in my phone, I'm passionate about a gazillion topics that I couldn't possibly fit into all of the Instagram posts I write, and I am definitely capable of creating the time to do it. 

Yesterday I was listening to Lori Harder's podcast, Earn Your Happy. She was interviewing Arriane Alexander, a coach for women who are basically just like me, and they were discussing confidence and how to grow your "confidence muscle". It was one specific thing that they said that really got to me and made me go, "Oh shit, that's me." Arriane was talking about how fear and limiting beliefs around confidence are the things that prevent us from taking that next big step. When we find ourselves not doing something that we clearly WANT to do but we can't seem to take action on that thing, it's often something we need to just do anyway. I want to write blog posts, but I'm not sure what people will think. Is my writing good enough? Will I have grammatical errors? Are my ideas new or meaningful? Is what I have to say important?

The only way we can grow is when we take action and do that scary thing. In fact, like Arriane says to her clients, if it's truly that scary to you then you kind of know you REALLY have to do it.

So, here I am, writing my first blog post. Building confidence is similar to the muscles we work on in the gym - we have to consistently work on the muscle and stretch ourselves past our comfort zones in order to see any sort of muscle definition. I need to do with same with blogging in order to build the confidence that is feeling somewhat absent in this new thing that I haven't done before. 

With all of that being said, I'm planning to write every day until there is no hesitation and no fear and blogging feels super natural. I go for my daily podcast walk with the pup, so I'll likely use inspiration from the content in the podcasts to spark my little brain to write. Thanks for following along on my muscle (confidence) building journey.