This is a 10 week program that has been divided into three days of movement. Each week is meant to be done in the order written as exercises progress throughout. 

Strategies for working through the program: If you finish a week and don't feel super strong in the exercises, don't hesitate to repeat the same workouts the following week before moving on. I would actually LOVE to see you repeating each week - the first week can be about learning the movements and the second week can be about perfecting your form and working hard. You can work through the program at your own pace.

Additionally, sometimes we just don't have the energy to do a workout. In this situation it's your job to decide if a workout will give you more energy or leave you feeling further depleted. The Core & Glutes workout is always a good option in this situation, as it's lower intensity but you'll still get so much out of it.

And lastly, mom brain is real. This program has a TON of variety so that you don't get bored, but with that variety comes a learning curve. If you are just too overwhelmed to learn four new exercises - you still have options! You can definitely re-do the ten minute workout from the week. Another option is to keep it simple for your 20 minute AMRAP: 10 incline push ups, 10 squats, 10 tricep dips, and 20 total reverse lunges is a simple option to always fall back on!

However you choose to modify, please remember that any movement that is safe and feels good in your body is better than no movement. But also, some days a nap is more beneficial, and in this season of your life that is more than okay. 

To access entire workout videos with cues, go to the workouts overview.

Day 1 is the Core & Glutes workout (these are the super important movements that get your body stronger!) and every week should start with this. You can do this workout as many days as you wish. At least two times per week would be ideal, but once is great! I actually do these workouts daily, because they feel so good in my body.

Day 2 is a 10 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute), EOMOM (every other minute on the minute), or AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout. For an EMOM workout you begin a new round every minute, completing all reps and then resting until the beginning of the next minute. For EOMOM workouts, every even minute you will begin a new round. Each round lasts two minutes. After all reps are completed you will rest until the beginning of the next round. 

Day 3 is a 20 minute AMRAP workout. They use the Metabolic Effect concept of rest based training: “work until you can’t, then rest until you can" and start again. Keep going unless form suffers or you feel like you need a quick rest, then get right back to it. This style of training is what makes the short workouts so effective. Your muscles should be burning, you should be breathless and sweaty, and the weights should feel heavy. That being said, listen to your body and keep good form through all exercises. Aim for 4-6 rounds.

An example schedule might be:

Sunday: Core & Glutes
Monday: rest/leisure walk
Tuesday: 10 minute workout
Wednesday: rest/leisure walk (optional: Core & Glutes)
Thursday: 20 minute workout
Friday: rest/leisure walk
Saturday: rest/leisure walk (optional: 10 or 20 min workout again)

The most important thing is that the schedule is doable for your life and will set you up for success! If it's not doable for you, then it's not a sustainable way of exercising. In order for healthy habits to last a lifetime, they must be sustainable.